Going up the Großglockner with the Handbike
Ernst Bachmaier is the first handbiker of his class (H1) to go up the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße! With no finger function nor triceps and limited hand function he made it up to the Fuschertörl 2424m.
The DIAMIR office goes to the beach of Croatia
Each year in September the company I'm working for goes to the beach of Croatia for one week. Everyone brings their laptop and works from the beach. 
In the afternoon there's various activities reaching from Beach Volleyball and Spikeball to Cliff Diving.
Surfing France & Spain
For the first surf trip with my new van we went to the coast of France and continued along the north coast of Spain. 
2019 | #EVENT #MUSIC
At the peek of summer the Beats'n'Harmony crew organizes an Event and get some the coolest Artists from not-so-far-away to play some chilled beats!
Darwin & Marie is a conference dedicated to female leadership in technology, science and innovation. We will showcase and connect founders, CEOs and managers who foster innovation and diversity.
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